The team of our restaurant in Lermoos


The team of our180° restaurant in Lermoos consists of the most committed employees. They all love what they do, and enrich our menu with their individual strengths and ideas. Every single day, they actively engage in implementing our concept. Besides our guests, they are the ones who infuse our rooms with light and joy. Our team know what our guests need, before our guests do themselves. The team of our restaurant in Lermoos is the heartpiece of our business. What we look for in our employees is their positive energy and their ability to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere wherever they are. This is what we require of them every day. Experience for yourself our radiant team and book your table now.

Indulge in our cuisine and experience the tastes of the region.


We celebrate pure Dolce Vita and enter a new world, going far beyond pasta.

Fine nuances of Asian spices, crunchy vegetables and more fresh from the wok.

Rare, medium or well-done? Try the pure taste of best beef from local farms.

We want to take your gourmet experience to the next level! Celebrate excellent taste at one of our culinary events. Treat your loved ones to  Dinner with a beautiful view.