Local cuisine in Lermoos


When we say, our cuisine is local, our juicy chicken à la carte and delicious herbal pork from Haiming. We mean that we source our natural milk products from the Gulahof in Lermoos, the tasty cheese specialities from the Petersberg pasture in the beautiful village of Lech, free-range eggs from Didi in Haiming; Franz Kapeller in Mieming supplies us with crisp potatoes; fresh vegetables and fruits are produced in the Ötztal. Our suppliers make our local cuisine in Lermoos truly unique. They all share in our idea of sustainability and they all value the environment and commit to its protection just as we do. This is what you can taste with every bite. Chef de Cuisine Theo refines the best of regional ingredients with fresh herbs and his exceptional cooking skills, creating brilliant gourmet dishes. Our local cuisine has even been awarded the coveted AgrarMarkt Austria quality seal.

Indulge in our cuisine and experience the tastes of the region.