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Grand finale in small size
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The main dish was sensational, but the icing on the cake is still to come? In our restaurant you do not have to pick one dessert, because our small gourmet bits are a real sweet seduction and captivate your senses with their aroma, look and taste. A special treat made lovingly by hand of locally grown ingredients. With great care and devotion, our kitchen team creates delicious cakes and pastry varieties, as well as chocolate candies. Choose from our display case and go on an adventurous journey through the sweet world of desserts. That is the crowning of a culinary evening.


365 Tage
Learn from the best chefs in groups of six to 14 participants. Only available upon request.

We want to take your gourmet experience to the next level! Celebrate excellent taste at one of our culinary events. Treat your loved ones to an extensive brunch in the morning, or indulge in our Flying Dinner. Another highlight is provided by our 180° cooking classes, in which the top chefs of our restaurant in Lermoos share their knowledge.